Zonefree Emergency Response Operations

An Interlink variant of claiming its (or its alternatives) necessity

ZERO attempt the • registration and • classification of emergency states of life on the globe and the response capacities of appropriate humanitarian operations. Their operations are primarily to zone what emergencies are abundant in which sectors of the globe and secondary creating infrastructure that they can be met. In order to establish as a ZERO it has to be shown that the lack of any kind of ZERO violates human right agreements as they would be operating at higher capacities than local emergency response teams. Without a global network of emergency response units and their internal co-education for disaster scenario responses no adequate worst case handling for human civilization is given. This comes obvious every time hurricanes or tsunamis put local emergency units to their limits. A global and fast paced interconnected response system could prevent death and improve preventive measures.

ZERO attempt to optimize and help rescue missions through provision additional data, the fast allocation of operations coordination and the deployment of special and heavy equipment. The conceptual and ideologic foundation for ZERO are to change the uneven abilities and capacities of human emergency response units. They are primarily caused by a coupling to economic limitations which ZERO intends to circumvent through more flexible ressource allocation. Among private support ZERO response units may be engaged for planning, securing and coordinating major events with a large number of humans present. Also the de-escalation of violence and violent behavior as well as the prevention of such through education and active contact establishment to people is part of ZERO areas of responsibility.

In order for interlink to succeed it has to have multiple (backup) strategies that may all lead to the establishment of a global civilizatory managemenet structure. A fallback scenario is to focus on the fullfillment of human rights and a (proclaimed) inherent necessity for a convergence of healthcare systems and emergency response units across borders and decoupling from economic limitations. One of such concepts is discussed as ZERO.