(Global view Interface):

A sketch for the future and landing pages:

  • Extensive emergency and Support system
  • Access important data of UN, WHO and personal resources
  • Stay in interlink interface to maintain save surfing
  • Bandwith and system dependent adaption of graphics and visualizations
  • Actualizing and reliable data from data centers around the world

Layout & Design Prinzipien

  • Universelles Design & Inklusion
  • Personalisierung, Datenschutz
  • Intuitive Benutzbarkein
  • Auswahl welche Daten geladen werden sollen
  • Ein speedtest der Verbindung kann die Auflösung und Visualisierung anpassen
  • Einfacher Übergang von geographischen Daten zu konzeptuellen Inhalten
  • Die konzeptuellen Netwerke auf denen Interlink aufgebaut werden kann wurden speziell für dieses Projekt entwickelt und ermöglichen neue Arten digitaler Interaktion

In words

Personalization: Allow globes/maps adapted to personal preferences or position (if gps shared); speed of zoom / static via click or animated (same for complexity scaling)

Complexity-scaling; bar in the top row allowing to smoothly switch between amount of words and complexity of speech/sentences. Usage of conceptual networks (association & traffic weighted semantic net clusters) allows reduction of complexity for frontend with a fluid zoom function down to the backend development allowing contact to developers or engagement in development.

Effiency & Access: fast surfing through iteration levels 0 / 1 and local zoom to topics of interest (favorite-list if logged in); 0 is child approved and understandable, also inclusion for vision impaired and easy/instant translations

Preference: topics or tags / keywords that pop up (at default zoom small pop ups in the areas where a keyword is matched in a topic) can be generated by public opinion / multilayer vote or by choice of interest of user. Usage profile can be imported if user selects to provide their surfing interests.

Scalability: The interface is supposed to adapt to user hardware / software and bandwith (integrated automated minimum speed check – request for more expressive speed check – request to set cookies at the beginning).

Currently only a graphic that

• Lacks buttons/pop ups to indicate how surf through interlink framework

• Specify from where to obtain data that is represented (can we use ? what about and mind the gap data?)