Problem Space v0.5

Welcome to the prototype for interlink interactions. In the future we will provide mind maps for you to engage and learn about problems in our world - in a low complexity language.
The same software will be used to make accessible a public open - community voting system for political and societal issues. This will be developed to capture global votings in the future.

Problem Space v0.5
Life.hub Mind.hub Ressource.hub Humane Regulatory Mechanisms Distribution&Deployment Life.hub current Priority Civilizatory Government Technological Challenges Basic life support Educational Development


Life.hub will visualize all ongoing activities that concern life. It will be updated by peoplem managed by people and provide a framework for friendship, community and recreation.


Mind.hub will be the heart of complexity management and information routing. Diplomacy and regulation as well as enabling humans to participate in the development of humanity are the main intentions.


The Ressource.hub will be a network of the Open Company Corporation, interlinked companies and privatized concepts to economize activities.

Humane Regulatory Mechanisms

The Intransparency of globally operating corporations has many detrimental effects on human social systems. Through routing of financial activities through the Ressource.hub, companies are given the chance to make accessible to the public parts of their transactions. In return the hub will provide consulting how companies can entertain a humanitarian business principle and connection to other participating entities.


Interlink suggests that distribution of ressources is a major reason for crisis in economically lesser represented countries. As the global availability of food and water (-filtering) is high, the transportation of the goods is the actual issue. The deployment could be enabled in more efficient ways if infrastructural fundamentals are equally set up. This deployed infrastructure systems would entail shelters to provide flexible and reuseable crisis management 'mobile cities'. If there are long term structures required, as water filtration facilities, their integration will be supported by • educating and instructing locals and providing them with the open sourced hardware specifications for necessary technology. One suggestion for enabling an operation of this dimension is the ZERO concept.

Life.hub current Priority

Before establishing a constituted civilizatory framework chance equality has to be guaranteed as the constitution has to be the first thing that enables (almost) all individuals on this planet a choice (for ourself as a species worth protecting (from itself and its problems with complexity management)

Names for non-geographical state? Current project states? Important to be coupled to Mind.hub entirely

Civilizatory Government

If priority is defined as the action that allows the least amount of harm to life, there must be an immediate agenda. This agenda might be unknown currently however it can be estimated that it would require a high degree of cooperation and interaction between governments. During the transition phase towards an actual civilzed government, Interlink attempts to provide a framework in which political systems and variations can be developed and tested. The Scaling of the applications will depend on Interlink independency and support. However it is attempted to achieve very low entry barriers for communities and personal projects to the respective part of the  Mind.hub.

Technological Challenges

Humanity is on the verge to reach a new epoch in terms of technology and its applications. This change will be more drastical than globalization and industrialization was. Interlink attempts to promote open discussion about the issues that are most important. Among them artificial intelligence, protection of privacy in virtual spaces and the development of proper handling artifically generated media that is indistinguishable from reality for humans.

Basic life support

Deployment of energy and infrastructure concepts will greatly increase success of humanitarian missions. Environmentally (nationality related) caused inequality can be accessed as an issue thereby. While conceptual driven inequality (e.g. gender, race) will be accounted by educational and community actions, a minimal support structure has to be made available. This is supposed to be based on open source technology and an inherent attempt to educate about technologies production, functionality and potential.

Educational Development

Educational accomodation is the foundation for chance equality and societal development. The personal opportunities to prosper and have a positive experience of life are directld coupled to awareness, consicousness and understanding. Open education and qualification opportunities of high standards are a main goal.